Travel: Bermuda

Jet Skiing at the Bermuda Triangle

Start your adventure by jet skiing your way onto the famous Bermuda Triangle. Take a leap off to the open waters in the mysterious spot that made Bermuda famed. Aside from the chance to explore the fabled waters, you can do other activities like feeding the local schools of fish that resides in the area.

Make your own Custom Scent

The historic City of St. George is UNESCO world heritage site and was settled in 1692. St George is one of the island’s precious gems and the oldest English community in the island chain. Amid the town’s many legendary sites is Lili Bermuda. It’s an old-world perfumery where each bottle sold is still filled by hand. If you wanted to bring out the hidden scientist in you and wanted to craft your own customized scent, the head perfumer will gladly help you create your own.

Visit the Turtles From a Paddle Board

Truly, it won’t complete the trip to Bermuda if one will not take a dip into those crystal clear waters. Another must experience is to see the swimming sea turtles. Exploring some of the area’s more isolated beaches and get your muscle stretch above the water by taking a stand up paddleboard tour.

Explore the Historic with Bike Tour

Bermuda island chain is rich in history when pirate lore is the topic. To get the vibe of the island, the bike tour is one of the best ways. Ride into your bike and proceed to the tour and cruise along the Bermuda Railway Trail. This trail is an unused national rail project that’s been shown as one of the world’s most appealing recreational trails. Head your way after to Fort Scaur, where you’ll see awesome views of the bay.

Watch at America’s Cup

Bermuda’s Great Sound played host to the 2017 America’s Cup which is the earliest international sailing race in the world. Go ahead and make your way to the Royal Naval Dockyard to see the best sailors of our time racing the fastest boats in the sea for the prestigious award. America’s Cup Village will run a number of concerts,  entertainment by Bermuda’s local cultural artists and a host of Bermuda’s famous seafood.


Sunset Watching from the Water

If you can’t get in on America’s Cup action you can still have some seafaring adventure. Every Friday evening, you can catch favorable yacht cruises aboard the UberVida, a 70-foot-long catamaran which provides its service for special events like celebratory sailing. You can enjoy the view of the sunset while drinking your favorite cocktails and some hip sways.


Travel to the Maldives


According to Luxury Travel Advisor magazine, the world’s Most Instagrammable Hotel is in the Maldives. The Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas took the title this year. With 80 private pool villas, it’s no wonder that it is always among the must-visit places bucket list of constant travelers.


Experience a one-of-a-kind underwater dining at one of the four restaurants. Get a chance to snorkel at Unesco World Biosphere reserve and witness the world’s most treasured reefs. Marvel at the observatory and night sky viewing deck named “Sky”.

Exploring COMO Cocoa Island


Away from the stress-field urban life is one of the most beautiful places to set foot on to, the COMO Cocoa Island. The island is lined with palm trees that really provides a tropical feel while the stunning sandy shores are captivating, making you feel like you really are in a place called “heaven on earth.”


Some of the things to do on and off the island are water sports while various wellness classes are also available. Expect a menu of fresh and healthy food to keep you energized and full for each day’s line of activities.


Feel relaxed and cozy at their beach houses or spend your days wandering around the sandy spits then dive to their pristine beaches and explore the clean and clear waters. The reefs, channels make this a wonderful and safe place to learn to dive.


The Maldives is for Everyone


Whether you are traveling as a family, or spending your honeymoon, Maldives is the ultimate dream destination with various activities customed for the whole family. Even the Epoxy Flooring in Frisco team celebrated their anniversary party here.


Parents can enjoy some downtime at the spa, moms can do yoga classes, while dads can take their diving or scuba lessons. While younger kids enjoy fun and exciting activities at the KidsOnly Club. Even teens can enjoy complimentary homemade ice cream at OneClub, all followed by a family movie night at the beach.


The Bermuda Triangle

Jet Ski Through the Bermuda Triangle

Jet ski your way onto famous Bermuda Triangle. Take advantage of the open waters in the mysterious spot that made Bermuda famous. You can also feed the local schools of fish that reside there aside from the chance to explore the fabled waters.

Make your own Custom Scent

UNESCO world heritage site that was settled in 1692, the historic City of St. George is one of the island’s crown jewels and the oldest English settlement in the island chain.  Lili Bermuda is among the town’s many historic sites, an old-world perfumery where each bottle sold is still filled by hand. With the help of the head perfumer swing by to craft a custom scent. 

Check the Turtles From a Paddle Board

Without taking a dip into those crystal clear waters, no trip to Bermuda is complete. Witness swimming sea turtles, explore some of the area’s more isolated beaches and get your fitness regime by taking a stand up paddle board tour.


Take a Historic Bike Tour

When it comes to pirate lore, the island chain is rich in history. The bike tour is one of the best ways to get the lay of the island. Take a tour and cruise along the Bermuda Railway Trail, an unused national rail project that’s been represented as one of the world’s most attractive recreational trails, before trekking to Fort Scaur, where you’ll see amazing views of the bay. 

Watch The America’s Cup

The earliest international sailing race in the world where Bermuda’s Great Sound played host to the 2017 America’s Cup. To witness the best sailors of our time racing the fastest boats in the sea for the prestigious award, take a trip to the Royal Naval Dockyard. The America’s Cup Village will bluster plenty of concerts, culturally influenced entertainment and a host of Bermuda’s famous seafood.

Enjoy Watching Sunset from the Water

Obtain some seafaring in even if you can’t get in on the America’s Cup action. Catch favorable yacht cruises aboard the UberVida every Friday evening, a 70-foot-long catamaran utilized for special events like celebratory sailing. You can check Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale for more information about the windows, and then enjoy the sunset views while sipping on cocktails and execute those moves.




City South Of France

Arles, France

Arles France is a city south of France, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, in the former region of Provence.

Van Gogh in Provence Trip

On to this 4- to 5-hour Van Gogh in Provence, small-group day trip following in the footsteps of a Post-Impressionist master. Come behind Van Gogh’s footsteps through the Roman ruins in St-Rémy de Provence. Stroll the cobbled streets of Les Baux de Provence together with your guide, and commend the Museum of Santons and the St Vincent Church. Check out UNESCO-listed Arles and unearth many of the sites which stimulated Van Gogh’s creativity. By going on this small-group tour, limited to around eight people, relish the personal attention given by your guide.

From Aix-en-Provence, wander the Roman city of Arles during an exclusive half-day tour. Check out the historic center to have a view of the main monuments on a 1-hour of a guided walking tour and follow to the medieval hilltop village of Baux de Provence. Make a stop at the village and fortress dating back from the 10th century or adore an unusual art show in the Carrières de Lumières.

Places to Dine while in Arles

L’Ouvre Boîte

The ‘Open Box’ or Alexandre’s small restaurant may only be open a few nights a week, but that hasn’t prevented it from becoming a locals’ favorite for chilled evening eats. He specializes in tapas-like ‘little plates’ ordered to share. For a prime table on the tiny, tree-shaded square, arrive early.

Marché d’Arles

The scent in the air includes Camargue salt, goats’ milk cheese and saucisson d’Arles (also known as bull-meat sausage) at Arles’ huge Saturday morning market. During Wednesday mornings, the scene moves to bd Émile Combes.

Le Refectoire des Ateliers

A good lunch place is this relaxed diner next door to the Fondation Luma. With a strong attention to organic and wholefood, the meal is light and modern. The menu includes copious quinoa salads,  more filling mains, for instance, roast Ventoux pork, tabbouleh of carrots, lentils, and celery, and stuffed purple aubergines.


Ancient Vietnam

Hanoi Vietnam, where ancient and proudly preserved Vietnamese culture is intensely felt by most tourists. In different districts of the city, the progress grapple with Vietnamese tradition. As a matter of fact, the wealth of history is more than sufficient as Hanoi is passed over a millennium: ancient citadels, exquisite temples, unusual theater and remarkable outback can be seen beyond the city Vietnam’s capital.

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

An interesting relic of Vietnam’s history was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010 that signals its historical and cultural importance. In 2004, many relics and items recorded between the 6th and 20th centuries were unearthed. Popularly known as the Hanoi Citadel, discovery includes foundations of ancient roads, ponds, old palaces, and wells. Archaeologists also discovered bronze coins, ceramics and pottery from China and many places in Asia, on top of the above-mentioned discoveries, all tell a close trading relationship in the area. It’s a must visit on the citadel itself.

Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi has its origin in an art form that can be traced back to the 11th century. By positioning in the waist-deep water with the puppets staging over the water, the tradition of water puppet theater from a time when rice paddy fields were submerged in water and villagers would make enjoyment. It emerges as if they were moving across the water with the puppeteers concealed behind a screen by using large rods to hold the puppets.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

One of the most visited places in Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Ba Dinh Square. Ho Chi Minh, known to Vietnamese people as ‘Uncle Ho,’ is the most exemplary and famous leader of Vietnam and it is his final resting place.

The Perfume Pagoda

A dramatic temple complex believed to have been first built in the 15th century is the Perfume Pagoda. Built into a mountain range in a maze of alleyways carved into the rock with rich forests and flowing streams all around for this series of Buddhist temples. The trek here is an experience in itself as it can be found around 60 km south of Hanoi in the Son Mountains: to begin with, behold yourself in a two-hour journey by car or bus before making a journey riding on a boat to the foot of the mountains.

Spending Time In Mauritius

Day Trip Ile aux Cerfs Island

Ile aux Cerfs, an island of tropical vegetation and exquisite white, sandy beaches, experience sailing away from mainland Mauritius to this breathtakingly beautiful island. Before your leisurely cruise back, best to enjoy a delicious lunch on board a catamaran and take a stroll on the island with time for water activities like swimming and snorkeling.

It is a pleasurable sailing experience as you are relaxing cruise through the protected lagoon off the east coast. To see the impressive waterfalls up close, board on a small ferry boat up the estuary of the Grande Rivière Sud-Est, the largest river in Mauritius.

Arriving at Ile aux Cerfs, where you will love a mouth-watering barbecue-style lunch with beverages in the luxurious surroundings of your catamaran. Then you’re free to while away the afternoon, simply kicking back and relaxing in this true paradise environment or swimming and snorkeling among the colorful marine life.

Dolphin-Watching Full-Day Cruise

As your crew takes care of the sailing, sense the gentle tropical breeze against your skin and lounge in the sun. Be sure to keep up with the elegant dolphins jumping in and out of the water as there’s a possibility you’ll laze for too long. Pay attention to your knowledgeable guide and be educated about the natural habitat of the spinner dolphin—recognized for spinning lengthwise and leaping from the water.

Catamaran drops anchor near the coral reefs by Albion around the further north. Indulge in this exotic natural aquarium by taking a revitalizing dip in the unclouded turquoise waters and snorkel among the sea life.

Lunch is served with barbecue as the highlight complimented with fresh salad and a cool drink. Subsequently, make time to relax, and immerse the rays as you head back to land.

Quad Biking at Frédérica Nature Reserve

As you speed across the challenging terrain on a quad bike uncover the hidden treasures of Frédérica National Park. The roaming stags in particular, absorb breathtaking views and tropical scenery as well as observe majestic wildlife.

Start with a safety briefing, then ride on and motor off into the heart of this natural wonder. Your expert guide directs you over the rugged landscape, helping you discover sites like the ruins of a traditional sugar factory as well as the vast plains where roaming stags rule. Pause at Cascade de l’Exemple, an enchanting waterfall, and dive into the pool beneath to cool off.

Remember to take stock of the biodiversity as you roam through the park. There’s abundance of exotic flora and fauna to engage with, for more than 70 species of plants alone. This tour offers a lovely chance to adventurously tour the scenic natural landscapes that the island has to offer.


Tokyo Trip

One of the closest natural recreation areas to central Tokyo is Mount Takao. This popular mountain offers beautiful landscape, an engaging temple and attractive hiking options. The mountain is still located in metropolitan Tokyo and takes only 50 minutes to reach from Shinjuku.

It leads up the slopes of Takaosan from a network of numbered hiking trails. Trail number 1 is what the majority of visitors use. As it winds its way to the top of the 599-meter high summit, the broad, mostly paved and route all of the major sites. There are also other trails but are narrower, unpaved and see significantly less traffic. From the base of the mountain, the hike to the top of Mount Takao along trail number 1 takes about 90 minutes but that time can be lessened in half by riding the cable car or chair lifts that head halfway up the mountain.

There is an observation deck from where you can look out over Tokyo near the cable car’s top station, and on clear days, the summit offers views of Mount Fuji. Beyond the summit of Takaosan which joins to the many peaks of the nearby Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, an even larger network of hiking trails exist.

Takaosan is considered a sacred mountain and has been the base of mountain worship for more than 1000 years. An attractive temple called Yakuoin can be seen along the trail near the mountain’s summit, and many visitors take time there to pray to Shinto-Buddhist mountain gods (tengu) for good fortune. One with a long nose and one with a crow beak are called as Statues of the gods, can be seen at the temple.

Takaosan can get very crowded on weekends due to its accessibility to central Tokyo. The second half of November is the busiest. The mountain’s dispersed autumn colors make Tokyo’s most sought-after koyo or autumn foliage spots by this time of the year. If you are longing for a break not only from the concrete but also the crowds of Tokyo, you are suggested to visit Takaosan during the weekdays.

It is also a good place to see cherry blossoms at Mount Takao a couple of weeks after those in central Tokyo. The best spot for cherry blossoms is the Itchodaira area, which lies an additional 30 minutes hike beyond the summit aside from a few trees around the trails, summit and mountain’s base.

Traveling To British Columbia

Habitation to thousands of marine and terrestrial wildlife, the west coast of British Columbia stretches almost 1000 kilometers of fertile coastline and temperate rainforest from Victoria on Vancouver Island to the border of Alaska.

Owned and operated by Roger Obayashi, Wild Whales, and taken care by a number of knowledgeable biologists and naturalists, is the only dedicated whaling tour operating in Vancouver. They have a number of different tours that leave daily, including open-air and covered jet boats conveniently located on Granville Island. If one’s feeling venturesome, the open-air is definitely the way to go – it gives a much more “lively” feel to the experience and not only is it thrilling to be exposed to the elements, as the boat skips across the waves of the Georgia Strait and navigates through the many maze-like archipelagos and islands that comprises geography of the Gulf Islands (ranging in size and shape from Pender Island all the way down to the San Juan Islands, there are almost 400 different islands).

There’s a lot more to the experience aside from the well-promoted “whale watching,” –  lucky for visitors, the guide is actually a naturalist which has a wealth of information in connection with the history and landscape of the area, other marine life in the area, and provides their own personal stories about living and studying marine life.

Widely known as “killer whales”- upon arrival of the boat on one of the three resident orca pods in the region  – it will be well worth the wait, and enough to elicit the wonderment from everyone on board. Killer whales require air as their mammals, and will breach the surface with their smooth black dorsal fins, sometimes to take a look around, they slap their flukes on the water or popping their heads up. Killer whales graceful surge forms belong to a species that have, like wolves, encounter a spurious reputation as ‘murderous killers’ – they are predators, but to many people’s surprise, these mammals are generally pliant behavior, and as facilitators, Wild Whales takes its role to educate guests on all aspects of orca behavior.

This comprises the fact that orca has actual teeth, unlike baleen species (the likes of humpback and blue whales who possess plates they used to strain krill). Because they can travel great distances,  getting a glimpse of them differ from day to day – their maximum speed can be more than 50 kilometers per hour. However, they control the contact to an hour at a time and always staying at least 100 meters back because Wild Whales is a devoted partner of the Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) that implements a strong philosophy and practice of respecting orcas in their natural habitat.